AnnE Potter


Below are photos that I have taken for the St. Joe's Athletic Department. These photos were taken during the 2023-'24 seasons.

St. Joe's Mens Basketball

Man taking up most of the photo postitoned in the center, holding a basketball up to his right shoulder looking off to the left. Wearing a white Basketball Jersey with white shorts and a white leg brace over his right leg. The player also has on Grey patterned sneakers.
a back angle of three men huddled together in white basketball jerseys.
a man standing in a white basketball jersey with a sleeve of tattoos. The photo is captured from their ankles up. He is facing to the right looking off into the distance.
The photo was captured from the back. A man is planted mid run on his right foot, wearing a white basketball jersey. The name on the back of the jersey is X. Brown.
A photo of man in a white basketball jersey wearing the number 5. He is in the center of the photo and is dribbling the ball in his right hand. He us gazing off into the distance to his right.
two men taking the center of the photo, one with a white basketball jersey, and the other wearing a dark grey quarterzip facing away from the camera, with their arms around eachother
a man looking to his right with a white headband, and white basketball jersey. His arm angeled at a ninty degree angle.
a man in a white basketball jersey holding the ball to his left and looking off into the distance.
two men wearing white basketball jerseys, one facing the camera and the other facing towards the man, away from the camera. They are looking at eachother

Women's Lacrosse

a woman with brown hair in a braided ponytail with a white lacrosse uniform, facing away from the camera holding the lacrosse stick and moving towards the left of the image
a side angle of a blonde haired woman wearing a white lacrosse jersey, holding the sick towards the front of her.
a woman with blonde hair moving away from the camera in a forward motion. Wearing a white lacrosse uniform with the jersey postiioned in front of her.
a brown haired girl facing towards the camera but looking off to her left with her lacrosse stick crossing her body.