AnnE Potter

Graphic Design

St. Joe's Athletics Communications

The following graphics have been designed by me and are featured on the St. Joe's Athletics Social Media accounts.

a horizontal graphic with a solid gray background. The title at the top says St. Joe's basketball. At the center of the screen it says Single Game Tickets on Sale now. To the right is a man standing with this arms crossed and facing towards the right. He is wearing a Red basketball jersey with a white strip down the side. His shorts are also red with a white stripe. On the left of the graphic is a girl with long blonde on one knee, balancing her left hand on a basketball and is pointing towards the viewer She is wearing the same red jersey as the man. THe bottom text says and underneath that text is a red Hawk logo.
a vertical image titled This week with a subtitle of St. Joe's Athletics. In the background of the photo, it is a man with a number 4 lacorsse jersey, holding a stick across his chest to his right. On the right portion of the photo, is a list of dates ranging from the 11th-13th of march, and next to it various games that the St. Joes Athletics programs are playing in for that week.
A graphic titled Become and Expert on the Big 5. Half of the photo is a ripped page. The other part, is a photo of a man wearing a white basketball jersey. In the right side of the page is a black graphic logo with a Hawk.
black and white photo of a man with an overlay of the same man with the caption in red lettiering saying SENIOR DAY across the photos. Above the Senior day name is the name Jack Campbell in black lettering
a photo of a woman with blonde hair and a black shirt postitioned to the left of the graphic. To the right is a white box with a quote filling the entire box.
a black background with the world pride spelled out in the pride flag. a white flying hawk is positioned in the center of the page directly under Pride.

Hawk Hill Productions Marketing

The following graphics were designed by me and are featured on the Hawk Hill Productions Instagram account. HHP is an on campus organization that provides weekly activites for students to enhance student life on campus.

a yellow background with the title Hawks and Kisses. Various graphics placed on the page such as a pink teddy bear, a pink bouquet and a pink envelope.
Hawks and Kisses in dark pink lettering with a two lighter pink hearts sitting in between hawks and kisses.
An easter egg collage background with the title Easter Sundae in blue lettering. At the bottom of the page is an easter bunny serving other bunnies ice cream in a grassy area.
a Green background with the title springfest in dark green lettering. At the bottom of the page is a cow and various flowers sitting in grass.
a baseball as the background of the photo, with the liberty bell as the forefront. The title Phillies game placed on top of the bell.
a blue and pink background with clipart of two women shopping with the title KOP shopping trip.